November 28, 2020

Winners Know When and What to Quit

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times:

Winners are not people who never fail
but people who never quit.

What if,
you bark up the wrong tree,
even if you are the best barker in the world.
It’s still the wrong tree.

What if,
you adamantly focus on things that do not move the needle.
You’ll never reach the finish line.

What if,
you know in your heart and in every cell of your being, that you are leading in the wrong race.

In the journey to winning, you can stumble, fall, and fail.

But winners also know when to quit and what to quit.
The faster you quit something that is not moving you in the right direction the faster you learn what it takes to win.


P.S. What winning means to you is up to you.

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