September 14, 2020

the middle

A – you are here now
B – where you want to be

The gap in the middle.
Yes, that big – huge gap…
The space in between.

This is where work happens.

It’s hard work.
Body and soul aching work.
You lay the bricks.
Build the stairs.
Connect the ropes.

This is where mistakes are made.
It’s messy.
You stumble – and even fall.
You resist and fight forward movement.
You want to quit.

Some do.
Going back to where you started from.

You will be back.

This is where you stretch.
Build courage and endure.
Test your limits and push beyond.
Adventuring into possibilities.

This is where you change.
You find your strength.

This is where you grow.
Digging deep, doing your work.
This is what matters.

The magic doesn’t happen when you arrive at point B.
Magic happens in the middle.
In the space in between.

-alie, this is where I work – in these spaces in between

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