December 11, 2020

The Cure for Burnout

More assignments.
Heavier workload.
Fuller schedule.
Longer hours.
Shorter breaks.
Always on.

No time to breathe…

Work harder.
Keep going.
Do more.
Sleep less.

Must breathe.
But, there is no room to breathe.

The fire goes out.

When your tank is empty, it takes a lot of effort to kindle the fire.
Eventually, we manage to do it.
And we land back into the same race.
The race where we hold our breaths to see how long we can make it before the fire goes out and we must start again.

The cycle of burnout is vicious, and always lurking around.
But it cannot take hold and sweep you off your feet when you breathe.
In and out.
Ebb and flow.

Notice your breath.


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