Kindness in business, in leadership, and the workplace is undervalued, and its superpowers are not well understood (or cared about).

Here’s the thing:

Kindness is not a liability.
Kindness is not a weakness.

Being kind doesn’t mean you are a pushover.
Being kind doesn’t mean you can’t be assertive.
Being kind doesn’t mean work doesn’t get done (quite the opposite).

Being kind means you are considerate, polite, respectful human – a human that cares about others.

In fact:

When employees view their leaders as compassionate and kind it
builds trust and fosters psychological safety – ingredients for a happy workplace.

Being kind to others makes you happier – 21 studies back this up (University of Oxford) – in business and life.

Kindness is the secret sauce to success. Sprinkle it everywhere.

Here are a few ways to do it:

Treat everyone with respect – from janitor to the CEO. 

“Respect is how you treat everyone, not just those you want to impress.”
Richard Branson

Help those that are struggling or buried under work – even if, no, especially if you are the boss.
“What can I do to help you?” goes a long way.

Admit when you are wrong and own up to your mistakes. Apologize sincerely.

Show appreciation and give praise – fast and often. Say thank you for a job well done.

Appreciate and listen to the opinions of others – even if you disagree.

Learn about your employees – about the person, the human being behind the title (any title). Find out what is important to them and what motivates them.

Give credit where credit is due. Build others up.

Be kind and considerate – always.

Now go sprinkle kindness everywhere you go!