August 30, 2020

slow death by busywork

Where you spend your time matters.

How much of your time do you spend on low priority items?

Those items so low, that at the end – whenever you are done – nobody cares.

The more time you spend here,
the more of the same you will find to do.

The more time you spend here,
the more will be thrown in for you to do.

Busy work.

The busier you are, the less you are able to work on what really matters – the important stuff.

Spending the majority of your time here is a recipe for overwhelm, stress, and unappreciation.

It is a hot mess without meaning and purpose.

Effective time management starts and ends with spending more time with things that matter, things that are important to others, and to you.


Where and how you spend your time matters a great deal, whether you are a leader, a manager or a worker.