June 16, 2020

Micromanagement is Not a Leadership Style

Micromanagement is not a leadership style.
Not a great one anyway.
Not even a good one or a decent one.
Not one you should follow.

Micromanaging is damaging – detrimental.
It kills productivity.
It ruins engagement.
It flatlines morale.
It obliterates trust.

Micromanaging is screaming from the rooftops – I don’t trust you – over and over again.

More control.
Lack of trust.
More control.
Lack of trust.

The toxic cycle continues.

“But how do you know they are working?”

Trust your team.
Trust your employees.
Trust your people.

Empower them.
Inspire them.
Give them freedom to do their job.
Treat them as human beings.
Encourage them.
Praise them.

“When you hand good people possibility, they do great things.” Biz Stone