November 28, 2020

Just One Bad Apple

One bad apple.

Just one can spoil the entire team and even the entire company.

Perhaps the biggest problem is the lack of awareness.
“Everything is fine.”

It may take a long time to become aware, and realize something is amiss.

Then what do you do?

“If we don’t’ do anything it will just go away – on its own.”

Come up with excuses?
“It’s really not that big of a deal.”
“But we can’t let them go – they are so talented / they are in leadership (or some other reason).”

Doing nothing doesn’t stop the spread.

Excuses mask the real reason why you do not want to have the difficult conversation that is needed.

You have to confront the problem.
It can be very uncomfortable – for you.
Especially when forced to confront an executive.

Dealing with a bad apple can be difficult,
Not dealing with one can have a devastating impact and ripple effects that spread far and wide.

How do you do it?

Have the courage to be open, direct, and honest.
Have the difficult conversation.
Communicate with kindness and respect.
Make decisions based on the whole.
Your company’s morale, trust, performance, and bottom line can be impacted by one bad apple.


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