April 10, 2020

In Your Journey – Here You Are

Who would have thought we’d be where we are today?
Quotas not met.
Goals not achieved.
Dreams not reached.
Or worse.

Two steps back.
Back to the drawing table.
Back to the start (do not pass go).

It’s not where you thought you’d be.
It’s not where you want to be.
But, here you are.

On your journey.
This is not the end.
And it is not the beginning.
You have already traveled this far – on your journey.
You have already learned so much.
You have already faced obstacles.


There will be times when quotas are not met.
There will be times when goals are not achieved.
There will be times when dreams are not reached.

It doesn’t mean these are forever lost.

There will be golden times.
There will be dreams come true.

Today, you journey on.
Through this season.