January 28, 2020

Employees Trust Robots More Than Their Managers

People quit bad bosses.

I’m not telling you anything new here.

A B I G reason why employees leave is bad managers.

Good employees end up having to take the “hit” when they are forced to quit or when they are fired – and the manager keeps on going – no notes on the record, no record of wrongdoing, nothing.

But wait!

Winds of change are blowing…

A recent AI@Work Global Study 2019 by Oracle and Future Workplace reveals some interesting findings. Over 8000 people were surveyed.

82% think robots can do certain types of work better than their (human) managers

64% would trust a robot more than their manager

50% would ask a robot for advice rather than their manager

The employee-manager relationship is changing.

32% believe that robots will replace their managers

This is now.

The manager position is undergoing disruptive change. What they are currently doing – perhaps barking orders – and what they should be doing is brought into question.

Employees see AI-powered managers better at providing unbiased information, maintaining work-schedules, managing a budget, problem-solving and answering confidential questions without causing fear of scrutiny.

H u m a n managers perhaps are better at and need to focus on human skills, one-on-one interactions, coaching others and promoting and nurturing a supportive work culture. Psychological safety in the workplace is hugely important!

If your current managers are spending their days with tasks that do not involve these skills and if they lack emotional intelligence and related people skills, your organization is not moving fast enough to keep up.

The landscape of the old manager is crumbling. Get your running shoes on.