December 31, 2019

Do Less – Do More 2020

The end of the year is a great time to pause, reflect, and make any necessary adjustments and course corrections personally and for your business.

Instead of feverishly jotting down resolutions, swearing for the umpteenth time that this time they will last – which of course they won’t – you can reframe and trick train your brain into doing more what is good – what is better for you right now and into the future.

Enter: DO Less and DO More

The list below is long, and you can add many more items to your list.
The longer the list, the harder it is to do less or more of anything.

Periodically review your list – not just once a year – and choose which ones to focus on at the time.
Something will stand out to you, and you know to give it more effort.

Consistency is nor flashy, nor does it offer instant gratification, but it is the very thing you need to succeed and create meaningful, sustainable results. 


⛔ Complaining
⛔ Procrastination
⛔ Insecurity
⛔ Self-doubt
⛔ Doubting
⛔ Consuming
⛔ Arguing
⛔ Erratic action
⛔ Drama
⛔ Ignorance
⛔ Blaming
⛔ Taking
⛔ Planning
⛔ Complaining
⛔ Worrying
⛔ Talking
⛔ Sitting 


✅ Encouraging
✅ Taking Action
✅ Confidence
✅ Self-belief
✅ Believing
✅ Creating
✅ Understanding
✅ Deliberate action
✅ Consistency
✅ Peace
✅ Learning
✅ Giving
✅ Doing
✅ Encouraging
✅ Hoping
✅ Listening
✅ Exploring

Now I turn it over to you.
What goes on your list?
What do you want to focus on?
What do you want to leave behind?