August 1, 2020


you were told…

Be Different!

You h a v e to – be different.

Don’t copy others.
Don’t blindly follow others.
Be different.


forcing yourself to be different is,
well – forced.
It’s not natural.
You will be fighting yourself, every step of the way.

be yourself.
You are already different, and that is a wonderful gift.
You are unique – and only you can bring all that you have to offer to the table – for yourself and for others.

But we get lost.
Forget what we have.
Forget what we are.

Find yourself – again, or for the first time.
I can’t do it for you. Nobody else can – just you.
But I can help guide the way.

Discover the treasures you hold.

-alie, unfollower of herds

the doors have opened. come. find yourself.