September 24, 2020

capital F

With a capital F.

The big frightening monster lurking around every corner waiting to get its hands on you.
If you hold your breath you can feel him.
Right there.
So close.

Better not move.
Better not try or do anything.
Better play it safe. (I have so much to say about this too…)

So, we, somebody decided to make Failure our friend.
Come right on in, make yourself comfortable.
Can I call you F for short?

We give Failure so much power.
but maybe we shouldn’t.

But, but…

You should fail every day.
You should fail fast and fail often.

Because a million failures will lead to success.

I get it. I hear these messages too.

You get to choose what you focus on.
You get to choose where your attention goes (and stays).
Is it with your pseudo-friend F?

What if you…
just forget about F.

It’s just a label – sure.
But F carries a lot of weight.
Heavy, negative weight that keeps you stuck.

What if, you – just…
Rinse and repeat.
Learn more – both from your mistakes and your victories – big and small.

What if you just…
Do the right thing.
Do the best that you can.

Success will find its way to you. Welcome it in.

-alie, I don’t feed failure

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