February 2, 2020

Holding On To The Past

Can’t let go.
Won’t – let – go.
Refuse to let go.

You are standing on a beach.
You bend down and scoop up sand into your palms.
The sand feels warm and a little prickly.
As you stand back up it immediately starts to flow out of your hands, escaping between your fingers.
You can’t hold onto it. No matter how much you try.

But you try.
You fight it.
You focus all your energy on keeping the remaining sand in your hands.

The sand now feels cold and hard.
You keep juggling.
More sand keeps escaping.
You close your fists – determined to hold on.

The whole world around you has stopped.
It’s just you and the sand.
You are happy – proud even – to know you were able to hold on.

Now how can you protect the remaining sand in your tightly closed fists?

You gaze up.
Your heart skips a beat.

The world around you has changed.
The world around you is not the same.

The sand underneath your feet has washed away.
The mountains have moved.

Taking in what you see – while holding your breath – your fists become unclenched.

The sand falls down.