Hi, I’m Alie

The unfollower of herds. An explorer driven by curiosity. I love to learn for the sake of learning. Pulled to dance on the edges, pushing limits, and venturing into the unknown. This is where I belong, in the wild.

Dark storms and clear sunny skies, northern lights and midnight sun, tears of joy and bottomless sorrow, all within me, bleed through me, into my art and words.

Walk with me and find out more, about me, and more importantly about you.

In my small way, I try to help you by connecting things that seem disjointed and shining the light so that you can find your way. You are not lost. Sometimes we just need an extra spark to see the way.

I’m happy our paths have crossed and you are here.

When I’m not working or creating, you can find me in these types of places (basically between a rock and well, more rocks).