Hi, I’m Alie (you may have guessed…)

I’m here to help you find your way to what lights you up. What that looks like to you, is uniquely yours.

If you are stuck and struggling, it’s time to put that behind you. I’m glad you are here.

I’m an explorer. More than anything I love to seek knowledge, to venture out into the unknown. Again and again. I’m driven by curiosity and a determination to make a difference. I’m a teacher. I bring back discoveries and share insights I have learned.

I choose to continuously test myself: physically, mentally, and spiritually, digging deep and see what I find.

A goal is not my reward – it’s the journey.

Because I’m an explorer my resume would look terrible, well at least according to stiff, old, calcified corporate standards anyway. I don’t play by those rules.

I have learned, experienced, and done a lot. You can do a lot when you are an explorer and you have spent more than four decades exploring. I’ve always been an explorer.

I’ve studied biology, medicine, languages, and anything I find fascinating. I’ve investigated criminal cases and worked at a Medical Examiners. I have managed companies from parachute manufacturing to real estate. I’ve built websites, brands, and companies. (I should just have said I’ve done a lot and leave it at that, there’s so much). I’ve coached and consulted clients big and small – still do.

There is a battle, a friendly battle, going on inside my brain – the analytical vs the creative. I love both: data and art. But, if I didn’t have creative outlets I would wither. Seriously.

I don’t like to talk about myself. But, I’m sharing this so that you know where my thoughts, stories, and insights come from. How I connect things that seem disjointed and how I try to bring forth specs of light so that you can find your way. You are not lost. Sometimes we just need a little outside help to see the way.

When I’m not at the computer or working you can find me in these types of places (basically between a rock and well, more rocks). And I’m not mad in the last photo, just focused :).