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Jules x

Jules x is a marketing agency helping you get new clients and delight your current ones.



Marketing strategy
Competitor analysis
Social Media marketing
Email marketing
Digital Accessibility

Brand development + strategy
Brand creative
Copywriting + storytelling
User experience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
YouTube Optimization
Shopify SEO
Social Media Optimization

Experience + Results

Two decades of marketing experience

In-house, agency, consultancy experience in diverse industries regionally, nationally, and globally.

A track record getting results

Increased revenue by $270,000 in 6 months.

Rebuilt marketing budget saving $250,000 in 3 months.

Grew an email list from zero to 3217 in two weeks.

Grew a Facebook group from zero to 51,300 members in 12 months.

Generated 400% sales growth in 5 months, 530% growth in 9 months and 860% growth in 12 months.


Sales growth in 5 months


Sales growth in 9 months


Sales growth in 12 months

SEO: Recent results
Brand new website with zero rankings (month zero) to numerous keywords ranking on first page of Google search results in seven months. 

Image description: Google spreadsheet showing ranking changes in Google search for a new website in seven month time span, starting from no rankings to several first page rankings.

Tests + Experiments

1. Case Study: Viral Article on LinkedIn E-book

Result: Viral Article with 456,850 views, 224,002 reactions, 23,370 shares, 4575 comments

2. YouTube SEO: Soul + Sage Channel | Mindfulness for Modern Lives


In 6 months 10,000 views for the top video.
In 9 months 10,000+ views for the top three videos.
In 9 months 50,000+ total video views.

With no new uploads in 9 months.
All from the power of SEO.

72.9% of views come from YouTube search. Average watch time is over 60% of all the videos.