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Alie Jules

Creative & Strategic marketing professional with over 17 years of both hands-on and leadership experience with deep expertise and an impeccable track record of achieving business objectives.




Marketing strategy
Digital marketing
Social Media marketing
Email marketing
Digital Accessibility

Brand development + strategy
Brand creative
Copywriting + storytelling
Customer experience
User experience
Customer journey 

Market research
Competitor analysis
Budget & reporting
Team leadership
Vendor management
Events & presentations

Experience + Results

17+ years of marketing experience

In-house, agency, consultancy and freelance experience with clients, in a variety of industries regionally, nationally, and globally.

Here are a few of the clients:

Marketing Director: a member of an executive leadership team, SpillFix & Galuku pet products, 2 years

SpillFix + Critters Comfort + Pooch Comfort

Marketing Director: Real Estate, 13+ years

The Home Cart + Kenna Real Estate*

*Co-owned and founded Kenna Real Estate in 2007. Responsible for developing all branding and marketing. Managed to establish foothold and grow through creative and strategic marketing in recession.

Marketing Manager: regional professional education provider in health and wellness, 10+ years

Aesthetics School + Massage School + Herbalism School

Created and implement all aspects of branding, marketing and SEO. Approximately 80% of the schools traffic and revenue come from SEO.

A solid track record of meeting and exceeding business goals

Created omni-channel marketing plan and increased revenue by $270,000 in 6 months.

Rebuilt marketing budget saving $250,000 in 3 months. Reallocated funds to effectively target and surpass revenue objectives.

Grew an email list from zero to 3217 in two weeks.

Grew a Facebook group from zero to 51,300 members in 12 months.

Generated 860% sales growth within 12 months.


Sales growth in 5 months


Sales growth in 9 months


Sales growth in 12 months

Collaborative team leadership and management

Managed numerous teams and individuals. I’m a supportive, encouraging, inspiring leader, and I’m also direct and have an attitude of “let’s get it done”. I consider myself a guide and a teacher to help others do their best work.

On the leading edge of market and trends

Ecommerce: Create Dedicated Pages for Seasonal Sales Events

SEO: Google is Replacing Titles on Search Results 

A lot of marketing is trial and error and finding creative ways to generate amazing results. I’m always learning and run a lot of experiments to help me stay on the leading edge and create unique and effective marketing experiences.

SEO: Below is an example of recent SEO results for a brand new website in seven months. Darkest green indicates first page results. COMP indicates the highest difficulty keywords that the industry leaders rank for at the top.

Tests + Experiments

1. Case Study: Viral Article on LinkedIn E-book

Result: Viral Article with 456,850 views, 224,002 reactions, 23,370 shares, 4575 comments

2. YouTube SEO: Soul + Sage Channel | Mindfulness for Modern Lives


In 6 months 10,000 views for the top video. (see top performing video below, my voice)
In 9 months 10,000+ views for the top three videos.
In 9 months 50,000+ total video views.

With no new uploads in 9 months.
All from the power of SEO.

72.9% of views come from YouTube search. Average watch time is over 60% of all the videos.

Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills

I have written tens of thousands of web pages, articles, and blog posts for broad categories and genres, and I have taught and trained numerous writers, and creatives.

Marketing: Social Blueprint


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe In-design


Website Design
Video Editing
Public Speaking

Courses + Certifications

MITx – Leading from the Emerging Future, 2019

Berkeley/EdX – Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work, 2021

LinkedIn – Communicating in the Language of Leadership, 2021

LinkedIn – Implementing Change Effectively, 2021

LinkedIn – Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everybody Smarter, 2021

Certified Professional Coach, Fowler Coaching Academy

NLP Practitioner, American Union of NLP

Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of South Florida 

Hi, I’m Alie

Lifelong Learner

Team Member


Action Taker

VIA Institute
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