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Jules x



Marketing strategy
Competitor analysis
Social Media marketing
Email marketing
Digital Accessibility

Website Design (WP + Shopify)
Brand development + strategy
Brand creative
Copywriting + storytelling
User experience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
YouTube Optimization
Shopify SEO
Social Media Optimization

Experience + Results

Two decades of marketing experience

In-house, agency, and consultancy experience in diverse industries regionally, nationally, and globally.

A track record for results

Increased revenue by $270,000 in 6 months.

Rebuilt marketing budget saving $250,000 in 3 months.

Grew an email list from zero to 3217 in two weeks.

Grew a Facebook group from zero to 51,300 members in 12 months.

Generated 400% sales growth in 5 months, 530% growth in 9 months, and 860% growth in 12 months.


Sales growth in 5 months


Sales growth in 9 months


Sales growth in 12 months

SEO results
Brand new website with zero rankings (month zero) to numerous keywords ranking on the first page of Google search results in seven months. 

Image description: Google spreadsheet showing ranking changes in Google search for a new website in seven month time span, starting from no rankings to several first page rankings.

Tests + Experiments

1. Case Study: Viral Article on LinkedIn E-book

Result: Viral Article with 456,850 views, 224,002 reactions, 23,370 shares, 4575 comments

2. YouTube SEO: Soul + Sage Channel | Mindfulness for Modern Lives


In 6 months 10,000 views for the top video.
In 9 months 10,000+ views for the top three videos.
In 9 months 50,000+ total video views.

With no new uploads in 9 months.
All from the power of SEO.

72.9% of views come from YouTube search. Average watch time is over 60% of all the videos.